Repairs and Alterations

tailor_and_repair_serviceWe are able to provide a range of repairs and alterations to garments and household items at FM. From shortening a pair of trousers to altering a pair of curtains, we can carry out a professional repair, literally tailored to your needs!

Because our repair person is a bespoke tailor by trade from the ‘old school’, not only does he continue to wow and amaze our customers by meeting almost every challenge they present him, but because all repairs are done here at our premises on-site, he is able to complete repairs (in most cases) very quickly.

From the relatively straightforward New-Zips, Shortening and lengthening, and whole new pockets, hole-patching, as well as many other repairs right through to full reline of jackets and coats as well as leather and suede repairs, our tailor invites you to challenge his skill and imagination to prove the high quality and speed of his work is second to none!

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