Duvet and Pillow Service

5Allergen experts believe that you should have your duvet and pillows cleaned at regular intervals.

By having them cleaned at FM you will ensure that highly-effective sterilization and removal of allergens occurs and that, in addition, your duvet and pillows are refreshed and revived. After the duvet cleaning is complete, your duvets and pillows are also returned in compact packing, offering an easier solution to the storage of bulky items. Additional storage bags are available at request to store your duvets longer if required.

Regardless of whether your duvets and pillows are natural feathers or synthetic fibres, all items are processed with soaps that combine powerful detergents and optical brighteners, the result being the cleanest duvet possible with a brightness that will be noticed.

And the results are the same: beautifully cleaned, sweet smelling fluffed up duvets and pillows ready to sleep on.